A Very Charming Young Man . Tends To Come Off Mysterious They Are Usually Extremely Sexy But They Are Broken Theyll Never Show It..... Dont They Say Damaged Ones Are The Best ? Anyways Heard It Here First
Girl 1 : Is That Klaus
Girl 2 : Yea I Hear Hes A Bad Boy
Girl 1 : Ouu Their Always Damage

Girl 3 : Back Off That Mysterious Attractive Damaged Boy Is Mines
by welovethat March 31, 2019
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"that junkie from The Umbrella Academy is quite the character"
"yeah, that's Klaus, he's my son"
by choke me with an umbrella February 20, 2019
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Definition of babey. He is shy and very sensitive. He will always try and act tough but, he’ll eventually break. He will stand up for you and will never cheat or break loyalty with you. He’s very kind hearted and loving. He has an absolutely handsome smile and an amazing laugh. He’ll love you forever and ever. He doesn’t seek revenge and is usually very happy.
Me: Klaus is babey
my friend: y e s
by damnit mike June 13, 2019
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Unique, awesome, cool, good looking. Most of all a great provider.
by minniginni January 7, 2014
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The one that everyone who watchs Umbrella Academy love even if they don't know it.
BFF: Who's your favorite character?

by Galaxy panda March 7, 2019
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