Universe Alterations
When your characters in fanfiction are in the exact same universe as cannon but you’re altering just a couple of plot points or a few character traits
This fanfiction has slightly ooc characters so it's an UA.
by Bluewolf18 July 5, 2014
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U/A (Noun)-A Urine Analysis taken by an addiction counselor. It can also be used when taking a drug test for employment but it is not recomended due to the nature coming from Drug Abuse Centers.
"Hey dude, do you mind if you pee in this cup for me? I have to take a UA this afternoon."
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UA won the NCAA March Madness in 1997.

UA and ASU compete in the Duel in the Desert!

UA is Arizona's First University.
by Chizhi Worm April 28, 2009
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Marine Corps and Navy abbreviation for Unauthorized Absence. Army personnel say AWOL. Going over the hill. Slacking, skyving, shirking your duties.
Where's Pvt. Schmuckatelli?
___He went on a bender this weekend. He's UA as of 0830 this morning.
by Bravo Papa July 11, 2008
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yo dude, what's that crazy party school?
UA..U know!
by 4twenty November 20, 2005
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A popular hangout for rich bethesda kids in the heart of the city. Before 8 there are private school boys and girls who think they're ghetto, after 8 the crowd gets HOTT. Lots of times you will spot druggies there...but not to worry, the MoCo PoPo is watching!
Guy 1: Hey do you wanna go to UA?
Guy 2: Yeah what movie do you wanna see?
Guy 3: idiot! why would we go to UA to see a movie?
by ilovebritneyspears March 31, 2005
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