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The act of love in which a man ejaculates on the bed and walls and lets it dry so that when a black light is applied a la CSI, the room looks like a scene out of TRON the movie.
The hotel guest was so displeased with his room service, he started tronning the room to get back at the maid service.
by Hazel Meyer December 25, 2010
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Tronning is the act of dressing up like a robot and running through large groups of people. This leaves the people in a state of amazement and confusion. While tronning, a common thing to do is asking pedestrians to "press buttons on the control panel". The control panel is often placed on the chest or back area.
My friend went tronning through Japan last week. He rode crowded escalators and had people press his buttons.
by Cheadle Factor June 05, 2009
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The act of being so fucked up and on so many drugs that you actually think your inside the movie Tron.
Someone tries to convince you you are not in the movie Tron and not tronning and you yell at them to not come through the portal and take over your world.
by Tronning June 28, 2012
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Tronning is the act of walking beside someone then suddenly moving in front of them and stopping. This word also applies to walking in front of someone and slowing down, or any related situations between vehicles. This is a reference to the video game/movie Tron in which light bikes aim to cut in front of each other to destroy one another.
*Ashton and Jimmy are walking to class, and Jimmy suddenly cuts in front of Ashton and stops. Ashton, having not seen the encounter coming, walks into Jimmy.*
Ashton: Dude, stop tronning me!
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by lit_boi_$wag June 03, 2018
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