The act of love in which a man ejaculates on the bed and walls and lets it dry so that when a black light is applied a la CSI, the room looks like a scene out of TRON the movie.
The hotel guest was so displeased with his room service, he started tronning the room to get back at the maid service.
by Hazel Meyer December 25, 2010
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When someone responds to a social media post with something that has no relevance but is all about them.
Post: "Who wants to catch up for lunch on Friday?"
Response: "My parents just bought me a $5,000.00 camera and a trip to Nepal for Christmas. The weather is meant to be great there this time of year"

Man you got tronned hard there.
by Seadogelvis November 11, 2015
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a groundbreaking film made by Disney in 1982 featuring a mixure of live action, Ink, paint and cel (IPC) animation and some of the longest sequences of CG animation ever used up until that point
Uh... Anyone ever seen that movie TRON
by Capt. Capacitor December 02, 2004
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A verb. To "tron" someone is to rush past said person who is walking to get ahead of them, usually in a line or queue; popularized in both Tron movies as the Light Cycles.
Dude I was headed for this hot chick's register at Burger King and this fat fuck in a mobility scooter tronned me.
by Da troof October 23, 2012
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the suffix that makes any person/place/thing cool as hell sounding. Sometimes the root word must be modified or added on -o- on to make it even cooler
the swimming pool-o-tron
easy bake oventron
by Graham January 01, 2004
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(aka- Tron Carter)

The world's most burberry-wearin', triflin' ass dude who lived in a house full of wild niggas (and one whiteboy) in "The Mad Real World" from Chappelle's Show.

(Also re-appeared as the world's richest man and in a special episode of Law & Order ..... "FIF!")
"See how Tron is liviiin', fo tha citaaay!"

"Some white briefs and cotton dockers, hahahahaha! What's the square root of this apartment? hahahahaha!"

"This right here is tha good shyit-ah! Drip drip drip ... Hey back up nigga! I'm makin' juice!"

"...and a banana cognac biyatch!"

"Hey Chad. I had sex with Katie too man .... Katie had some big ass tittays, hahahahaha!"
by Silky Johnson March 16, 2005
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