To make a peice of art on the computer, or to transform a hand drawn peice into computer done one.

Computer Graphic(ing)
I CGed a sketch I did last night
by Springloaded November 6, 2003
the techie term reffering to images created or modified on a computer; computer graphics
those pics of his new ride look so CG'ed
by see-jee September 16, 2003
She said she preferred the CG position (girl on top facing guy)
by dreemweever November 2, 2003
Used in the military. Stands for Commanding General.
Damn the CG is a cranky old bastard.
by Rob November 7, 2003
Short form for cum goggles, or specifically referring to dark thick rimmed glasses with large frames, such as those often worn by hipsters or blonde girls with large faces.

If questioned by the wearer of CGs on what the acronym stands for, they refer to cool glasses. This results in hilarious moments when they self-refer to their glasses as CGs.
"Your shitty feminist ex had the biggest CGs, did you ever bust your load on them"

"Hey buddy, did you just call my new hip glasses CGs?" "Yeah man, cool glasses!"
by balbir October 24, 2013
Having sex in a public toilet (usually a putrid one) on impulse.
usually brought upon by claiming your going 'for a shit' and looking suggestive
man #1: i was at the shore last night, and i seen this ho and we TOTALLY went for a CG
man #2: SCORE!
by Eric-Shaun May 3, 2009
Shortened term for "Cute Girl." A girl in which is physically attractive towards another person.
Jack - I saw a million CG's at the mountain today
John - Oh yeah? did you talk to any of them?
Jack - Not this time, next time i will.
by Blackerthanblackester January 4, 2010