What you buy on a debate trip while in the shower.
Final Fantasy VII is as much an attack on your storage as room service is on your wallet.
by Bootleg Star Wars May 19, 2017
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The act of going into someones house, apartment, or hotel room while they are not there and performing the following tasks.
A. Leaving a massive pile of shit in the toilet and letting its aroma engulf the entire area.
B. After task A is complete proceed to wipe your ass and balls(if you have them) on everything you believe the occupant might touch especially the pillows.
C. Yanking out some pubes and sprinkling them over the bed; especially the sheets.

*Bonus points*
If you have crabs and proceed to infest the entire bed and/or toilet. Double your score if it turns out later the person subsequently received crabs from your actions.
The guy in room 402 was an asshole when asking for an extra towel, so I proceeded to give him some Russian room service the next day when he left for his meeting.
That bastard left me alone in his house the next morning after the one night stand so I left him some russian room service to remember me by.
by Anna Recksick April 2, 2008
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