Cas is the Coolest mf y’all gonna meet ever no cap
Cas is just godlike
by ScumLxrd October 27, 2018
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Cas is a short form of the word casual. It is used mostly in hip settings where you or the people you are with are enjoying your time.
It's a cas vibe right now!


I'm feeling pretty cas today, anyone want to grab some drinks?
by The Cas Man December 18, 2018
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A shortened version of the name Castile, and angel who despite being so gay for dean makes all the girls swoon
"What's the word Cas?
"It's a shortened version of my name.l
by cassbutt February 26, 2017
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A short, beautiful, dark haired Spanish girl who enjoys programming, dancing, designing, video games, labels, confirmation, coconut, cats and matcha. She dreams of having a house and her cat live forever. She doesn’t like distractions, being tickled, surprises, emotions, interruptions during phone calls and other people’s problems. She can often be found running into doors or corners of cabinets due to daydreaming.
“I met this girl on PSN last night named Cas. She’s pretty interesting.”
by DanielMcD May 11, 2019
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Cas is the shortened term for a casual gamer, or casual. If somebody is a casual gamer you can call them a Cas or never say their real name ever again and call them "The Cas." (Pronounced Cah-j, not Cah-s)
Hunter: I just play games for fun, I'm not in to any of that hardcore mlg stuff.

Brandon: To think I thought of you as a friend makes me feel like I have failed in life. How could I have mistaken a CAS like you to be an mlg pro?
by Sama Lama August 5, 2016
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1.The best internet paintchat buddy a morron can have.
2. Abusive lover who rejects you for chores
3. Person who gets grounded repeatdly for stupid things.

1. Dexy: SZBCJAS OMFG CASPHIRE. <33 I LOVE YA ;u; my casphireeeeee

2. Dexy: lajdksaj CAS....?;A; dont reject meeee!*sob* ADKS ARE YOU DOING CHORES AGAIN?!;n;

3. Dexy: youre grounded again cas?
Dexy:....what for...?>:C
Cas:....not taking a bath when i was supposed to.. >.>;

by Alpha Dexy February 21, 2009
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Shorthand way of saying casket. The Raekwon/Wu-collective collab song 'Guillotine(Swordz), off of 'Only Built 4 Cuban Linx' contains the following line by Inspektah Deck: 'Poisonous paragraphs, smash ya phonograph
in half, it be the Inspectah Deck on the warpath,1st class leavin mics with a cast' is often misinterpreted as reading 'leaving mics in a cas'. Subsequent to the track's release, the term was popularized amongst the underground, when in fact it didn't exist at the outset. Thus proving hip-hop vernacular's spontaneous generation theory.
Leave in a cas, I'm heavin' your ass, over my shoulder like a newlywed, gonna learn how it feels like to-be-dead
by Dudeimentary October 14, 2010
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