39 definitions by yeah

group of joops, usually on the loud side
that tribe is heading right for us, take cover
by yeah September 27, 2003
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most definatly the best damn band ever. www.thursday.net
Thursday, what else needs to be said
by yeah December 8, 2003
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1.(n)a STudious yet IGnorant individual. Witnessed often by those who excel academically but are genuinely unintelligent.
"Look at the Honor Roll list. Fuckin' stigs."
by yeah October 23, 2004
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ayo throw your murda 1 on so we can go rob that nigga from uptown
by yeah January 25, 2004
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It's Ku Klux Klan but hey.

an extremely racist group of cowardly people who are homophobic, negrophobic and just plain scared of everyone but white people.
anyone who praises them is an ignorant, arrogant idiot and should take a look at themselves.
ku klux klan is a terrorist organization and its members are one of the biggest threats to national safety.
by yeah June 27, 2003
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