someone you enjoy spending time with they relate to you feelings and support you. They talk everyday when you need them for whatever they are there it's a give and take kind of relationship respect and a listing ear.
Joey: close friends if you know what I mean.
Jenny : jj for life
by ... Zjdbckdnznsjd August 31, 2019
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Close friends are friends who aren’t dating but the send nudes “talk” and possibly do stuff together all while maintaining a normal friendship to other people but it’s their secret.
We don’t have to get together but we can be “close friends
by Bandst November 25, 2019
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a friend of the opposite gender whom one may hug for 2-8 minutes at a time.
Bro 1: I literally watched you hug her for two minutes. Obviously you guys aren't just friends.
Bro 2: Yeah, you're right. We're literally close friends.

Bro 1: Oh shitttttt you're right. I understand.
by nont0Xic March 22, 2019
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When one begins to add their friends on facebook to their "close friends" list. Soon, they will begin to receive more notifications than ever before. Close Friend Inflation appears to make someone more popular, when in reality they are just becoming privy to typically useless information.
Man, I thought people were starting to like my facebook but it was just close friend inflation.
by TheRealMrCoincidence September 3, 2012
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When a girl doesn't want to be with you, but wants you to continue prioritizing her because let's be honest, you're the pussy who cares more about her, and she likes knowing she matters to someone, and will use that to come around you when no one is around for her. You know almost everything about her and you're always there for her, while she knows nothing of you and john snow. This woman is a smart,heartless, blue eyed creature that knows not to call you bestfriend because she doesn't want you to invest this much dedication into another girl cause she wont be special anymore and will self pity that she doesnt matter anyways. Plus, lets be honest she doesnt want to give you all that fucking time either. She doesn't care to know you because you do all the caring in loving her.
"I consider us fairly close friends."
by Fairly close friends March 14, 2016
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