a non-economically based type of social structure, usually associated with a high focus on personal individuality, close interpersonal relationships, an intergration with the natural environment, and loose social hierarchy.
Naming each and every world city as it's own country would be a step towards reverting to tribalism.
by p@$$ing thr.ugh March 12, 2010
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Any culture resembling pack behavior. Tribal is usually referred to in modern culture when referring to people who, as a group, are tattooed or modified to bare the look of african tribesman.

Tribal is also a form of tattooing that uses symmetrical patterns.
I was walking through the mall and saw a man walking around with stretched lobes looking very tribal.
by Denis Baldwin February 3, 2004
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Term describing a horrible mistake with permanent implications due to blindly following the actions of others.
Fellow #1 - "Hey, you heard about Gary? He ended up doing that prostitute that was taking all the guys to the bathroom in exchange for quarters. She then met up with him a few months later with her pimp by her side telling him she's pregnant and keeping the baby. And if he didn't marry her, the pimp was going to kill him. So now he's going to be a dad to a crack baby, married to a crack whore, and living under the iron fist of a wrathful pimp."

Fellow #2 - "Man. Now that's Tribal."
by Baron Webster October 4, 2010
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(adj.) interchangeable with beast. used to call something awesome, cool, perfect, or any other expression of something really good.

(v.) to go tribal; same as going beast or beast mode
Example 1: "Bro, I was having such a crappy day, and then turns out I totally went tribal on my chem test and got 100. Turned my day around."

Example 2: "Did you see that tribal kid just do a double backflip?! It was mad sick!"

Example 3: "I made the most tribal half court shot yesterday. Behind the back, eyes closed. There's nothing tribal-er than that."
by Tribal_Bro November 10, 2010
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a spiffy little dance done when overjoyed by an experience or circumstances.
"Dude, do you think they're into us?"
"In a huge way!"
"mini tribal!"
*dance occours
by Dani March 30, 2005
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A word invented by the band Alarmed. Used in place of "trying to", eventually usages evolved into a word used in place of whatever the fuck you want.
"Dude you tribal get drunk?"

"How tribal r u?"

by tribalarmed July 11, 2008
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