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Stretched Lobes are ear lobes stretched beyond the "normal" size of 18g. The incorrect term for the stretching process is "Gauging"; the jewelry are certain Gauges (For example, 2g is 1/4".) The origins of this process go back to tribes in Africa, Asia, and even some in early America.

Frequently asked questions about this are:
“Does it hurt?”
It really shouldn’t. If you stretch slowly and only one size at a time (waiting till it is healed) it shouldn’t be more than a slight discomfort for a few seconds.

“How big will I stretch before it won’t go back to normal?”
On average, 2g

“What comes after 00/000?”
Refer to the chart:
Gauge Inches Millimeters
16ga 1.3mm
14ga 1.6mm
12ga 2.0mm
10ga 2.5mm
8ga 3.2mm
6ga 4.1mm
4ga 5.1mm
2ga 1/4" 6.3mm
0ga 5/16" 7.9mm
00ga 3/8" 9.5mm
000ga 7/16" 11.1mm
1/2" 12.7mm
9/16" 14.2mm
5/8" 15.8mm
11/16" 17.4mm
3/4" 19.0mm
13/16" 20.6mm
7/8" 22.2mm
15/16" 23.8mm
1" 25.4mm

“How big can I go?”
Depends on the size of your lobes, how thick, and how well you stretch. There are people currently here in America with lobes over 3 inches.

“Why do it?”
Personal choice, everyone’s different.

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For examples of Stretched lobes check out the picture section
by Holly Noel March 04, 2006
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Earlobes containing earrings that are stretching sufficiently beyond the base 18G posts that most people get pierced with.

Most people don't consider the process of gauging to stretched lobes "acquired" until you get to 0g, or zero gauge.
After slipping the taper through the healed piercing and following with the jewelry, I now had 1/2" stretched lobes.
by Denis Baldwin February 03, 2004
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Another reason to kill a random stranger - his or her desire to turn himself into a pseudo-African tribesman.
Dude, the tunneler would be cute except for those earlobes you cold jam a baseball through. Oh, and her 67 tatoos and 14 other piercings. I wonder if she works at (insert loser job here).
by John Heinz Kerry April 19, 2005
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