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an orgasm resulting from the watching of, creating of, or participating in anime.
I just had the most mind blowing animegasm. It involves a girl you know, a goat, a brickwall, a lot of tissues, and a circle of old biddies watching and crying their jealous little eyeballs out.
by p@$$ing thr.ugh December 07, 2010
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A, wiredly, righteous-ass type. That, likely, doesn't accept Jesus as their savoir. Passionate people. Just that and that some parts of the Koran sound like they were written by an angry pre-pubescent boy on shrooms.
The USA in Iraq were fighting arabs for 8 years, remember? And the crusades live on!
by p@$$ing thr.ugh October 15, 2010
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It what you call it when you and you're buddies have finally just come up with cool nicknames for a legendary mated pair or couple within your circle, and then they break up, so to retaliate you and your buddies think of crappy nick names to give each separate half of the couple as individuals in hopes that they'll get back together, and you'll be able to use their couple nick names again.
Lester: Where are Itchy and Scratchy, you know cause he always has some kind of rash from his jewellery and she's always mangling him up with her nails.
Fester: We can't call them that anymore. They broke up.
Lester: Dammit. Last time I think up cool nick names for them, from now on I'm calling them Hair and No Hair.
Fester: That might even motivate them to get back together.
Lester: Now you know the plan.
Fester: The name scam, I love it.
by p@$$ing thr.ugh January 23, 2010
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A person with the compulsion to negate everything you say, either because they're pissed they didn't think of it first, their neurotic need to say something even if they have no idea what they're talking about, or simply because they carry the 'evil-gene'.
Me: I think it'd be great if people would revert to tribalism.
Evil-Incarnate: ...I think that'd be crap, think of all the disease and shit flowing through the streets.
Me: Hypothetically speaking it could work. We have modern knowledge and wisdom to make it work.
Evil-Incarnate: People are corrupt and it would be anarchy in a matter of weeks.
Me: Relax. I was just being whimiscal.
Evil-Incarnate: ...you mean, being immature.
Me: Why, neggy?
Evil-Incarnate: You suck.
by p@$$ing thr.ugh March 12, 2010
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Acronym for Not Everything 'r 'bout yah.
Heavy with irony, to be used as a strict wake up call when you're friend has trailed off an proverbially fallen asleep facedown in a bowl of soup.
Dan: And now I will be listing all the things I like about shooshi. I like her smile. I like her laugh. I like her aww, cuteness, I like her...

.... 15 minutes later tired from rambling for 15 minutes, we find Dan snoring facedown in a bowl of soup.
Standard Operating Proceedure: NERB! Yah.
by p@$$ing thr.ugh December 23, 2010
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A syndrome commonly seen by prostitutes, whereby the John is unable to get arroused. If the prostitute is a high end well experience sex trade worker she will easily be able to isolate the psychological barriers preventing the John from attaining an errection and completing the service. However some prositutes may be forced into prostitution on the black market and are not experienced or highly intuitive and this may in some cases perpetuate little john syndrome indefinitely.
Anise experiences little john syndrome on a regular basis and soothes the John by feigning innocence to the johns issues at the john (aka crapper/pisser) and John's guilt and self-loathing for visiting her instead working and going home to his wife.

Lacuna experienced little john syndrome for the first time after Stanko brought her John into the motel room. When the John saw the disgust and fear in her eyes it served to perpetuate his little John syndrome.
by p@$$ing thr.ugh December 22, 2010
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