6 definitions by Kevo

An extreme arch in the lower back of a female and a butt that is so bubbly it sticks outward."Duck Butt"
She got duck butt.
Look at that little duck butt.
Her booty makes her walk knocked nee'd, "the waddle walk"
by Kevo June 15, 2006
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this is derived from an artistic style which was used by pollock. While your significant other is sleeping you jizz sporadically all over their face and upper extremities. thus creating a form of art similar to that of jackson pollock
by Kevo December 20, 2004
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The little drops of water that splash up on your ass after dropping a huge deuce.
I dropped a lunker so big the palippopies on my butt were like a refreshing assdouche."
by Kevo February 24, 2015
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To lipsync on SNL, proceed to get caught when someone played the wrong track, your band catches on and starts playing that track when you were supposed to be playing another track. aka to suck cock.
wow I suck so much ill just lipsync
by Kevo October 24, 2004
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something that is so fucked up that using the word "sad" is out of place...
Its tragic that my girlfriend left me for my brother
by Kevo July 23, 2003
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the cereal you eat when you wanted to get pimped.
man,he didnt eat his supyo's this mornin!
by Kevo July 13, 2004
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