An interjection denoting frustration and/or excitement.
Gah! I scored only 95 on my last science exam. They'll never let me back into the science club again.
by stupid May 31, 2004
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Either an expression of frustration, or an expression of suprise. It all depends on the tone of voice.
Gah! I hate french tests! Or... Gah??? I failed another french test?
by SPORK October 28, 2003
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Shawn: "Hey Party, I wanted you to know I ate all your hashbrowns."

Party: "Gah!"
by Joshua January 11, 2005
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the sound one makes to express annoyance or anger, instead of 'grr' as 'grr' has connotations of sexual frustration.
GAH! that crazy latvian is really pissing me off
gah, the ticket office is closed
gah, i don't want to go to work
by meji August 7, 2005
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1)A word for a moment of annoyance when nothing is going right and you don't want to curse because the audience isn't correct.

2)Something to say when nothing is going your way.

3) A bad word that should be starred out according to runescape.
1) Gah, I dropped this 50 pound weight on my lap, gah, gah, gah.

2) Gah, why won't this bloody website work.

3) ***, I forgot the mould, again.
by Avid Word User May 26, 2006
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gah - a term used to express distress and/or annoyence
did:hello you going to talk to me?
dave:just shut up will you
by didwb October 26, 2006
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Jessica's Simpson's way of saying God
Oh my Gah!! He stole my car!!

I swear to Gah I did not do it
by anastasia March 9, 2005
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