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a term used in the eighties and nineties when techno (electronic music) was mainly something the Europeans and foreign exchange students were into, or the international students. the only place American youth were exposed to techno music at that time were at clubs that teenagers had to use fake IDs to get into, that were either thrown up warehouses where you could still smell the chipboard, or four-level cigar-smoke filled buildings in downtown DC named “Z Club” or Baltimore “Egypt” nothing in between.

eurotrash were the international guys who tumbled into the club or local mall out of a smoke filled yugo, van or delorian-nothing in between. unmistakable the vehicles were lit with neon trim, were often stacked with car stereos and booming electronic music. commonly with at least one friend with a German or Indian accent, signature heavy cologne and offering drugs unknown at the time in the US, at least one of these guys would have been hot if not for hanging with at least one guy way to old for the scene who was abjectly creepy and awkward.
club girls: guys finish your cigarettes, purple haze and wine coolers, I think it’s late enough to go in
eurotrash pull up: cough cough, heleuuu. how are you fine ladies, see you in there yeah
girls: I bet they got moves though
by williet hughnot January 27, 2020
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an annoyed form of the word “anyhow” that means “anyways...” or “moving on...” with a slight pause. usually accompanied by an eyeroll and/or sigh and sometimes over-exaggerated flip of a magazine page like “who really cares”.

generally signifies something significant has happened but, is over now and so, can we all please move on and stop discussing it. To really put an end to it one can add “so what’s new in the world...” it’s over.
friend: ...of course then she was all over him at the party and they left together even though he totally had a girlfriend and she knows it... Anyhoo.. eyeroll...sigh
friend2: so do you think this nail color goes with what I’ll be wearing tonight
by williet hughnot January 27, 2020
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someone with whom you are previously unfamiliar make the news for a brave or heroic act. This act moves you to such an extent that you furiously search them down in Instagram the next chance you get and like the fuck out of their pics, provide hands up emoji comments, go mercenary and shout down a few trolls while you are there and thrust yourself into any controversial fray. maybe even giving the person a merit follow. check them on Wikipedia first to make sure they dont wear fur etc
girl: ugh, I just read on page 6 how she stood up to that awful mans even when she knew he’d come after her!
other girl: I know, I just gave her some track down ig love bitch
by williet hughnot December 19, 2019
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1. really bad fashion sense, not in style, sad and no effort or without funds

2. when someone gets hit or gets something they deserve though
mean girl: did you see the girl at the counter? Nobody wears torn leggings anymore gah
friend: sad attempt at goth, purse and eyeliner tragic

girl: lololllll !! Brandi left her bf and called him scrubs, now he is dating Beyoncé

other girl: ha, tragic
by williet hughnot December 15, 2019
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when you are so in love with this guy, he’s beautiful, talented you dream about him, he’s like the king of everything you ever wanted and he makes you think you have a chance oh wow

the women he wants and gets with
narrator: he could be with any one he wanted, including the princess herself yet he arrived alone

audience: he wants trash
narrator: ...then the princess arrived glowing with gems and dripping with beauty and the possibility of love
audience: go home he wants trash
by williet hughnot November 30, 2019
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think statue of liberty except this bitch lies in wait behind the drapes of your bedroom. Instead of a lamp torch she holds a Thor-like hammer which she wields with righteous vindictive justice. She emerges from the shadows after watching you sleep and strikes when you least expect and just keeps coming
boutta bring out my liberty hammer of justice on these toxic dudes
by williet hughnot August 16, 2020
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you used to be great
playing in background at dive bar: glory days they will pass you by glory days...
drunk guy at bar: yeah i lost a few in the midst of the cornucopia I guess... being captain of the football team it was like that man. understandably they all wanted me
woman in ear shot: previously
by williet hughnot December 19, 2019
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