a straight man you lets a gay man perform oral sex on him.
"Hey Mom, it's cool, I'm not gay, I'm trade, I just let the queers suck me off"
by Ben Wilson January 01, 2004
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Trade is a term used in New Orleans. It is usually used by females and punks. Punks created this terminology. Trade is a male that is all that, hot, handsome, ballin, on top, well kept up. There is a bounce song made by a punk in reference to this term.
Girl, I got a new trade.
Look at that trade with the dreads.
He is trade.
I want to get at that trade with the braids in his head.
by Putty the pimp June 15, 2006
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Example of a gay one-night stand. Typically used in the South.
That big queen Josh hooked up with some trade and got laid yesterday.
by jesse July 08, 2003
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a very cute boy u want to go with.
this word is only used in new orleans no where else
dame look at him he is so trade.

i see u and your trade
by Wudy April 23, 2006
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He's a trade, guys pay him to suck their dicks.
by xxx December 22, 2004
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