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Accept sexual favors in exchange for something

This is most often used in regard to a favor: one party does something requiring time and/or effort for the other, and when asked how much it will be, says, "I'll take it out in trade". Or vice versa: having done something for another person, asking for compensation, and the other says, "You can take it out in trade."

"In trade" sounds like a form of prostitution (exchanging sex for something else), but it usually used humorously and in context of an existing relationship. The meaning is that the person is doing it as part of the relationship rather than expecting to be paid money or goods or whatever.
Girlfriend: Thanks for doing my taxes, honey. How much do I owe you.
Boyfriend (leering): Nothing. I'll take it out in trade.

He means that he expects some kissing and/or loving in return.

Girlfriend: How's that?
Boyfriend (looking at his hair in mirror): Wow! I look great!
GF: So what do I get in return?
BF: You can take it out in trade.

Meaning he'll be extra loving for a while and/or that she gets to choose the position/method next time they make love.
by s%mebody March 03, 2014
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