Yo mec, qu'est-ce que tu fait?
by A Canadian December 9, 2003
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Spanish/Spainish slang (Spain not Mexican) for sperm: English synonyn for jizz (sperm); the white substance the body releases while having an orgasam.
"That chic had mec all over her face!"
"Dude, did you seriously mec on my mom again?!"
by fuckbeast September 2, 2009
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Manchester Education Committee. A football firm supporting the Manchester United Football Club.
Jesus Christ, the MEC invaded the pitch the other day.
by PhiberOptik August 12, 2005
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Short for Middle-East Coalition. This is a alliance of many Middle eastern nation that will form in early 2005 with alliances between Iran and Syria upon threats of US Sanctions against Iran.

Their goal to rid the arab world of Americans will be acheived around 2006-2007. Once the US pulls out, Iraq will be cleansed of any US ways, and the demise of Israel will begin.

Upon this time, the shift in world military superpowers will begin.
The MEC will attack anyone who threatens arab nations.
by Mohammed February 17, 2005
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Make eye contact; the act of making eye contact.
Hey man, i just mec'ed with that mama.
by Nathan October 26, 2004
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Male Emotional Cycle.
This occurs once every 30 days or so in males.
It is the equivalent to a females 'TOM' except it is a mental state rather that physical.
Boy: Argh I'm so depressed, what is the point? :(

Girl: You are obviously on your MEC ;)
by Wellthisisaoneoff. January 25, 2011
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