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Adjective - Used to describe exactly how drunk, high, fucked up, or whatever takes your fancy that you and/or your friends are/were.

This is not to be confused with faded, as being faded is a much lower level of fucked up than traded.

See examples below.
Kyle - "Bro, I got so traded last night! Not like James Harden traded, like KG to the Celtics traded!"

Tim - "Ahh shit man, that's crazy man. Like you ain't no free agent? You was traded? Damn."

Mec - "I'm feelin' so traaadeddd!"
by MecSoTraded November 16, 2012
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In a relationship where both people have already said I love you to each other
Keith: Yo bro Kawhi and Rosie gotta break up before Carmine starts something.

Cassius: it’s too late for them to break up, they’ve already traded bro.
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by AppleButterz September 13, 2017
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