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What you call a girls boobs when she looses about 150 or more pounds. They look great in a push up bra, but when u get her naked they look like deflated balloons and you have to make her put that damn shirt back on before you can skeet
Damn dud, my mom's friends daughter lost alot of weight and I all thought she was hot till I got her drunk and fukin hell if she didn't have saggy baggies and I had to run for the hills.
by the Marz June 27, 2006

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Term used in place of sissy. Someone who is being a party pooper and not only doesn't want to go along and have fun with everyone, but make sure they don't go have fun as well.
God damnit Justin, quit being such a pussleberry.
by the Marz June 12, 2006

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This word originated in Orlando from a couple of crazy drunks that frequented the Parliment House.

1. Originally used by gay people as a term to describe walkin around and trying to find some trade

2. Now used by both straight and gay people as a term to describe walking around and trying to find people to meet, fuk with, or even get some straight trade ('poom' can be substituted with 'poon' if the straight person is that homophobic)
Let's go poom pommin and try to find some hotties, son
by the Marz June 29, 2006

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Someone who you think might be worthy of dating. Usually just a really hot chick who'd you think you'd like to get to know and see if you want to date her. If after you get to know them a little, and you still think they are a candidate - thats pretty damn rare and u better think bout getting a ring =P
See that one over there? The one by the orange ruffy, yeah. She's a candidate!

Damn son, that chick I been dating really is a candidate, omg.
by the Marz June 29, 2006

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Originally a gay term to describe getting some ass, or describing the ass you want to get.

Straight peeps can use it tho as well, it roughly translates into a synonym for 'sex.' You can look for trade, you can go poom pommin for trade, you can find someone online and get them to come to your house - thats door trade.

You can put any noun or adjective in front of trade to add a further description to what ur sayin
Met this chick online last nite, she came over, killer door trade omg

Think we'll find any trade at this bar? Or just a bunch of swamp donkeys?
by the Marz June 29, 2006

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