She is really fine and good to be around she is really nice and funny she is also cute af she is also thicker than a snicker
Yo do u see Landry she is fine af
by UrDaddddd March 25, 2019
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landry is the guy with the really long neck
what the fuck landry stop shaking the baby
no don't dropkick it you absolute buffoon
by liamTITTIES May 3, 2019
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Landry is a super hot girl that loves to hang with her friends but talks to no body else. So hot
Person 1: hey did you see that girl running the track yesterday? Person 2: yeah she's so fucking sexy and I think she's a Landry!
by Jacksonville February 4, 2016
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a boy that uses girls as sexual objects and just wants to have sex and not date you, then never talk to you again
dont go with him he is such a landry
by Queenoflalapoloo April 30, 2008
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A very confused girl. She’s often left out of things and very misunderstood. She’s the one that can’t show or express any negative feelings because nobody will care to help. She’s beautiful in her own eyes, but she doesn’t believe that when she’s around others. She tries too hard to be likable. She try’s her best to make a statement. Whether that means playing every sport, or being the one who can always answer your question. She wants to be remembered for something else other than her name is spelled similar to “laundry.” She can’t keep a boyfriend because they boy will find someone better than her. She’s afraid to like anyone because she doesn’t know if she can play her pain off as a joke anymore. Landry really just wants someone to notice her. Even if it’s because a person likes the fact that she wears cowboy boots. Landry just wants to be given a chance.
Person 1: “Is she okay?”
Person 2: “I’m not sure, she seems like a Landry to me.”
by Ryanelle84 January 14, 2020
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a girl who likes to yell at people
enjoys making vines
loves to wear turtlenecks
Guy: hey is that landry?
Landry: stfu and gtfo!!!!!
by lol16 November 19, 2015
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