94 definitions by amber

when you just need to get some and real bad!
i am sooo fucking horny! shove your cock into me now!
by amber February 26, 2004
1. to make the butt cheeks purse together 2. to situate onesefl so that surplus butt pops over the top of one's pants
When a girl with a big butt sits on a barstool with her thong all "accidentally" hanging out.
by amber January 19, 2004
and i was like DAYUM! that boi has sum LARGE cock 'n' balls!
by amber February 26, 2004
two things making equal amounts of sense, decision wise.

like "six of one...."
it makes equisense to do option (a) or option (b)
by amber January 31, 2005
a word used when a small girl named megan is to lazy to laugh.
by amber October 14, 2003
When a girl is sitting (or quite possibly standing) and by the way her pants have settled or bunched up, it appears as if she has a...ahem....hard-on.
Whoa, she has a major boony.
by amber January 6, 2004
when a man is fucking a bitch and there is another bitch there and he hollas SWITCH
by amber January 10, 2003