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a predigiously large female, usually from Kentucky), about the same size as a cow.
wow, that heifer just killed batista by sitting on him!
by Willisdukeweatherford November 08, 2006
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a a heavy or fat woman (from a term referring to cow that has not given birth)
Some heifer came in and started talking shit about the project.
by The Return of Light Joker September 09, 2008
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1.A female cow who has not had any young yet.

2.A term manly used by Aferican American women against eachother as an insult.

3.A very heavy woman.
1."When is that heifer gonna make some babies?"

2."You damn HEIFER! You stole my baby-daddy."

3."Look at that heifer.She needs to pay a little visit to Jenny Craig."
by A-Riv December 20, 2006
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really means pregnant cow but used to mean a fat person
Damn that girl is a heifer
by Liz*** March 30, 2006
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1.A young cow, especially one who hasn't given birth to a calf.

2.A large woman who is comparable with the size of a cow and sometimes even a house.

3.A woman, fat or skinny, who eats a lot of food.
1. Aww, look at that heifer it's so cute. I can't wait for it to have a calf!

2.That heifer can't fit in here, she'll take up the whole room.

3.Heifer gotta eat.
by k8thegreat January 12, 2012
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The female variety of a shit cunt.

It's Australian slang to describe a women who has been a complete cunt to you or is a general wanker of a human being. Often referred to as the opposite of a Sheila. Can often be used in a sentence as "Bos Taurus Heifer" to really exclaim hate against this female.
**women serving drinks at a bar is being bitchy** - turns around to mate and says "wells she's a heifer".

**sitting on a tram and women tells you to stop manspreading** - turn to her and say "fuck off you heifer"
by pussay69 June 18, 2019
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