Pretentious and non-colloquial way of saying "long."
"Dude I'm so glad we're finally watching the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie!"

"Hmm..are you sure this will be finished by nine pm? It's a school night and this seems to be quite a lengthy film."

"Shut up"
by sergeantbosco May 30, 2017
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I guy/woman that's tall as fuck and has long ass legs.
Damn Joseph bout lengthy as a mf god damn.
by Josephilus June 14, 2018
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A person that is severely jewish and takes their religion to extreme lengths
anna: is your uncle jewish?

mish: yeah he's very jewish, keeps kosher and all.

anna: ohh so he's a lengthy jew!
by macscotlandia August 4, 2010
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To refer to someone having a long penis but there is a half missing. For example, if someone had a lengthy slengthy, they could be missing the left half of their penis but the right half would be perfectly well intact.
Greg stuck his lengthy slengthy inside of me last night, it felt weird but it really focused on my right half.”
by Praised pecker October 16, 2018
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Jason Cluff,big puff ginger with nipple hair down to his knees
if you nipples are more then 6" long
by Donald March 17, 2005
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To have a shit.
I went to Leeds yesterday, and we had dinner at an Indian Restaurant. Today, I'm going to write a lengthy blog.
by Mark Nordenstein June 25, 2007
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