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A beautiful girl with gorgeous eyes, and a great personality to match. She is nice to everyone but if you get on her bad side she will give you hell. She's one of the best friends you will ever meet and is super loyal to her friends. She gives awesome advice and is very loved by everyone. Tatems tend to have major swag and are just all around awesome people.
do i need to explain? up there describes Tatem well enough.
by quackiloveyou June 20, 2011
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Beautiful blonde with blue eyes and mega muscles and a rapper that can twerk
I am a Tatem
by Lil gangs May 26, 2018
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Tatem is an amazing guy. He has amazing looks and an astonishing personality. You will never get bored with this guy. He is an amazing athlete and so funny. He is always able to cheer you up even if you don’t ask him to. He give the best hugs and he is so fun to be around. You could spend all of your time with him and never get bored. Tatem can achieve any goal he sets his mind to as long as he believes i’m himself. He lights up any room as soon as he walks in. You can tell him all your secrets because he will not tell anyone and he will always be there for you. Tatem is someone you can never forget. If you have a Tatem never let him go because there is no one else like him.
How’s Tatem?

Oh he’s amazing , I never get tired of him!
by goofygirl101 July 10, 2018
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