It's what you say every 5 seconds on a 50's sitcom. Goes great along with that's swell. Means: oh shoot, darn it, wow, that's grand
Can be used in a variety of ways.

Gee wiz, Dad, you sure are swell!
by whitelulu October 27, 2006
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Synonym for "wow". Alleged etymology: A way of saying "Jesus!" without being accused of swearing. More often used as a negative exclamation than a positive one.
Gee wiz, what have you gone and done with your hair?
by Xaviana December 1, 2003
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a "Gee wiz" or "g-wiz" is a street term for one thousand dollars in US currency.
"yo this motha-fucker owes me a motha fuckin g-wiz son"
by Joe- the Basement Crew September 6, 2004
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1. Awaking WOW!

3. Pleasant Surprize WOW!
1. Jane, did you know The Kingston Trio is the only group to have their first 5 Studio Albums to reach #1! ~ "Golly Gee Wiz Dick What's The name of the albums! "

2. "Dick I hit a home run off their best pitcher today! " ~ "Golly Gee Wiz Jane, That's FANTASTIC!"
by UBFolk July 16, 2017
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The act of saying Ah gee wiz to show how one could be worried when they are trying to do something
Durrrr Ah gee wiz durrrrrr I sure hope we can win durrrrrrrr
by Theguy you know from school August 14, 2023
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