your pointer finger.. which is very useful insome sexual cases.
yo man! use your index!
by Colleen and ben February 24, 2005
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The finger you usually point with - your index finger.
You usually point with your index finger.
by PR August 3, 2005
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You probably came here by trying to go to, it doesn't work like that, bud.

for the ppl who don't know, index.html/index.php is basically the default page of the site, and is preferred over default.php and all the other alternatives.
script kiddie: lololol ill break urban dictionary by going to xd
urban dictionary: *redirects to define?term=index.php*
by ihfsdihaoifd November 6, 2021
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The perfect way to rate females. Judged on a 0-4 scale to make things less complicated.

0-Is that even a girl?
1-Not hideous, but no
2-If I was intoxicated
3-Yes, and she's hot
4-Holy shit, yes
Friend 1= "What is she on The Index?"
Friend 2="Are you crazy? She looks like a mule, definitely a 0"

Friend 1="What is she on The Index?"
Friend 2="Go get me that handle of Burnetts and I will say 2"
by TheIndex January 7, 2011
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Index is a crappy overpriced department store in England - much like Argos.
An index shop. A shop called index.
by Bee______ February 7, 2005
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A newly-ordained nun who was forcefully given the Vatican's 103,000 most forbidden books on her brain while being shackled by Catholic Confessors and Inquisitors. She goes with Touma, a man who was too unlucky bastard who unknowingly built a harem on himself. She also got a pussycat named Sphinx.
She has a black hole as a stomach, who eats Touma's budget. And bits the bastard if she's pissed.
Index is a Loli Nun.
by Kay Tutan Tayo December 6, 2018
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The act of constantly refreshing or updating a platform of discussion, in search of any and all new additions.
Man, I was so bored last night. I was indexing that forum from 10 til 2.
by smurphy_UK February 16, 2008
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