Alternate spelling of "fuck". Mainly used to beat profanity filters.
"Fukk this"
by Jim December 31, 2004
Fukk” is a word for blood gang instead of using a “c” use double k
by Stephawn February 7, 2019
Fukk is a way of hurting someone with words.

Almost like Fuck but Fuck could mean a sexual thing or a hurtful thing.
Fukk is a way of hurting someone with words.
"FUKK YOU!" yells Damian after he gets killed in Fortnite.
by SMARTBITCHKID November 3, 2019
A derivational suffix that replaces the suffix -ful
can change the meaning of the original word drastically, depends on which word you use...

Some Include

Person 1: How was your day?
Person 2: It was wonderfukk.

That jacket is really colorfukk

The suffix -fukk will not be used as a solo word (in this form).
by Chaotic Cr33p is Wonderfukk December 5, 2009
noun.something so incrediblyly, irritable causing insane vexation and infuriation.

adj. can be coined to a noun--place, thing or an idea but most likely a person.
Girl 1:I can't believe the gumption that girl has not returning my belt, what a fukk.

Girl 2: Yeah that Kelly-fukk is a real Haakon

*check Haakon to mean an ass-raping hobo
by seemona April 23, 2004
What idiots resort to not say fuck...

(they sound the same...fukk you)
Normal Guy- Fuck!
Dousche- Fukk!
by jimmy pie November 14, 2004
Male version of a sukka bitch
A but his track record is 12 and 0
In all the fights with the bitches he beat up
Fukk NIggA is always spelled with a "lil g" AKA lowercase g
by Lynn Lynn GANG July 9, 2021