A person of little social value. aka Doug Lee.
Doug Lee is the world's biggest toolbox.
by 2+2 NVG Forum June 8, 2011
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A group of guys in sleeveless UFC shirts and fauxhawks that are either talking about their gains, saying they're swolemates, or drinking protein shakes.
Too bad you can't see yourself in any mirror at the gym because there's always a toolbox blocking it.
by allenjr16 May 15, 2014
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more toolish than just a tool, but not quite as toolish as an entire toolshed
ur such a fucking toolbox
by kamakaze687 March 5, 2004
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The term "toolbox" refers to someone who is such a tool that his supreme stupidity is on the level of what you'd expect from a collaboration of several tools. When someone is this many tools in one, he is a toolbox.
He said his Honda had a V8 and ran 5's... what a toolbox!
by TurboDC4 November 28, 2005
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a man who is so lame, or so much of a dick, that he is not just a tool, he is an entire toolbox.
I can't wait until they send that fuckin' toolbox off to Iraq.
by Jimmy February 4, 2003
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When someone is so dense and pathetic that they are not just a tool, they are an entire toolbox. Toolboxes have a tendency not to think for themselves. Toolboxes are prevelant in frats and sororities, oh and politics.
President Bush is a toolbox. Your sister is a toolbox. You are a toolbox.
by pootrified June 13, 2006
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Derogatory term for a female of limited intelligence, social skills, or overall worth to society.

Compliment to the derogatory masculine form "tool", which is used to refer to a male with similar qualities. "Tool" as a derogative term is derived from the use of "tool" as a general term for male genitalia. "Toolbox" can easily be construed the feminine equivalent. Tool is to toolbox as penis is to vagina, being the most obvious analogy, "toolbox" becomes an elegant compliment to "tool" in the pantheon of gender-based disparagements.
Dick may be kind of a tool, but Jane is a complete fucking toolbox!
by Someguynamedjoe June 6, 2007
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