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A group of guys in sleeveless UFC shirts and fauxhawks that are either talking about their gains, saying they're swolemates, or drinking protein shakes.
Too bad you can't see yourself in any mirror at the gym because there's always a toolbox blocking it.
by allenjr16 May 14, 2014

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A kid that wears skinny jeans, wears snap backs, and constantly says swag as if they actually have any... but they clearly don't.
Look at that kid with a knit cap, plaid shorts, and an LRG shirt!

Oh my god, and those retro shades? What a swaggot!
by allenjr16 May 14, 2014

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The pin of light you can see on a girl between the thighs and right at the vag. The light you hope to be able to see, because you know a number of things from the existence of that light:

1. She's at the very least in shape where it matters most
2. The area is properly ventilated
3. It's going to be tight

This term predates the misinformed "thigh gap" as it is preferred to have the thighs touch towards the top but have that pin of light exist. It has become lost knowledge that must be re-released to the masses.
You see that girl in the stretchy sweatpants walking away from us? Look at the top of her legs. You see that light at the end of the tunnel?


THAT'S what you want. You make sure the girl you're going for has that, and you'll always be in a good spot. Guaranteed.
by allenjr16 December 30, 2014

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