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Passive-aggressive phrase used by jealous people who see themselves as victims. Commonly used by "have-nots" to guilt trip the "haves".
*guy pulls up in a 10 year old Corvette that he worked his whole life for*
Jealous person in beat-up minivan: "must be nice to afford fancy sports cars!"
by TurboDC4 August 2, 2019
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Wheel-to-wheel automobile racing on a road course track, which involves a variety of turns and elevation changes. It is real racing on a real race track, and has no connection to illegal street racing.
"Formula 1 is the best road racing I've seen"
by TurboDC4 October 29, 2007
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A derogatory term for a nut sack.

First used in Golden, Colorado on Jan 30, 2005 while eating Taco Bell.
by TurboDC4 January 31, 2005
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The term "toolbox" refers to someone who is such a tool that his supreme stupidity is on the level of what you'd expect from a collaboration of several tools. When someone is this many tools in one, he is a toolbox.
He said his Honda had a V8 and ran 5's... what a toolbox!
by TurboDC4 November 28, 2005
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