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a term used for the 'drug' coming from the cannabis sativa plant. Many people look down upon it, many see it as harmless and a good way to relieve stress. to clear up any confusion, here are a few basic facts about the effects of smoking marijuana.
- it's smoke is sometimes considered more harmful than tobacco smoke, but there is some debate to this; there is more of certain carcinogens in marijuana smoke than in tobacco smoke, but there are more of other carcinogens in tobacco smoke than in marijuana smoke. one way or another, puff for puff, marijuana is more harmful than tobacco. BUT, tobacco smokers take a very significantly higher amount of puffs than a mariujana user in general.
- Marijuana alters the way one thinks, perceives the environment, and perceives time. Things seem much more significant when on marijuana, and also time often seems to go by slowly.
- It relaxes the user, as oppose to alcahol, which more often than not, alters a person's judgement and ability to make decisions, and causes viloence quite often (makes you think, why is marijuana illegal and alcahol is not?)
- alcahol and tobacco both cause much more deaths per year than marijuana; it is impossible to overdose on marijuana.
-marijuana is non addictive, and may only become mentally addicting to some users who abuse it over a long period of time.
- If you don't want to smoke marijuana, that's cool, but don't label people who do as losers. It does not have all the negative effects as many people believe, or like to believe.
-marijuana was made ilegal because an entrepreneur who made his money selling lumber was threatened by the economic value of the cannabis plant- it was a cheap way to make rope and paper, and because of this, this man's lumber business was threatened. therefor, this man made up a story of a teen boy who got high on marijuana and killed his family, then himself. After hearing this horrific story, america decided to ban the plant.

I say, legalize it- look at the effects of alcahol! much more dangerous to the user, AND the people around the user. its insane!!
dude, im high on marijuana. im calm and mellow now and i have an appreciation for everything around me.
by jimmy April 05, 2005

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A Molotov cocktail (or petrol bomb) is a crude incendiary weapon which consists of a glass bottle semi-filled with flammable liquid, usually gasoline (petrol) or alcohol (generally methanol or ethanol), the mouth of the bottle is stoppered with a cork or other type of airtight bung (rubber, glass, or plastic), and a cloth rag fixed securely around the mouth. The weapon is used by first soaking the rag in a flammable liquid immediately prior to using it, lighting the rag and throwing the bottle at the target. The bottle shatters on impact, spilling the flammable liquid over the target which is then ignited by the burning rag.

Sometimes, if available, self-inflammatory materials (such as white phosphorus), could also be used to guarantee the bottle's explosion as it hits the target surface. Tar, palm oil or other thickening agents are often added to the composition in order to make the burning fluid stick to the target rather than run off. Finnish soldiers often used hand soap suds as their form of palm oil in their Molotov Cocktails. Modern variations of the Molotov cocktail also contain laundry detergent, liquid dish soap, or crushed up styrofoam cups. The Molotov cocktail is closely related to the same principle of Napalm bombs. Napalm is a contraction of the words naphtha (the flammable part of petrol) and palm oil. Sometimes acid is added to the mix to increase the damaging potential of the liquid, and to increase the chances for it to penetrate fire-resistant surfaces. Molotov cocktails are easy to make and are the standard weaponry of guerrilla warfare and violent rioters.

Despite the crudeness it is tricky for an amateur to make an effective Molotov cocktail. The main failure is in over-filling the bottle. A full bottle will not ignite quickly when it breaks on impact (but has a longer burning potential). For a device to explode rapidly on impact the bottle is only one half to two-thirds full of mixture. One difficulty of mention is not paying attention to carefully wiping the bottle down to remove all traces of the internal flammable liquid from the external parts of the bottle prior to lighting the rag. Another is to mistakenly use the ignition rag to stopper the bottle. Other difficulties come with the proper fixing of the stopper in the mouth of the bottle (it must be airtight to prevent fumes from escaping), the proper fixing of the rag (use metal wire to securely fasten it. Also, a short rag is better), the possibility of mishandling after the rag is ignited, and the use of inappropriate bottles, such as short-necked, wide-mouthed, too fragile or too tough.

The name "Molotov cocktail" is derived from Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Molotov, a Russian communist who was the Foreign Minister and Secretary of War of the Soviet Union during World War II. The soldiers of the Finnish Army successfully used Molotov cocktails against Red Army tanks in the two conflicts (Winter War and Continuation War) between Finland and the Soviet Union, and coined the term to mock Molotov (Soviet planes do not drop bombs but food to help starving Finnish people, he claimed in radio broadcasts).

Molotov cocktails were even mass-produced by the Finnish military, bundled with matches to light them. They had already been used in the Spanish Civil War, sometimes propelled by a sling.

These weapons saw widespread use by all sides in World War II. They were very effective against light tanks, and very bad for enemy morale. The following is a first-hand description of their effects, written during the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising in 1943:

"The well-aimed bottles hit the tank. The flames spread quickly. The blast of the explosion is heard. The machine stands motionless. The crew is burned alive. The other two tanks turn around and withdraw. The Germans who took cover behind them withdraw in panic. We take leave of them with a few well-aimed shots and grenades. "
- Eyewitness Reporting for the ¯ydowska Organizacja Bojowa (Jewish Fighting Organization), 19 April 1943
During the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, members of the Israeli Kibbutz Dgania managed to stop a Syrian tank assault by using Molotov cocktails.
The increasingly violent protesters began throwing molotov cocktails at the riot police.
by Jimmy January 11, 2005

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Anyone who doesn't believe that the government should be used for control and oppression, but firmly believes in the right of walmart-style corporations and the wealthy to do so.
Libertarians scare me.
by Jimmy February 22, 2005

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Believe it. A meme from 4chan.org.
"Itty bitty Baby, itty bitty boat"
"I don't believe it!"
"Habeeb it!"
"Twinkie house!"
by Jimmy July 31, 2006

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Cochino (coe-chee-noe, N.A. "cochini", SPAN "cochino", literally meaning "pig"): A young man with questionable motivations concerning young women, usually of a lewd, erotic nature. Typically having a voracious sexual appetite and prone to constantly making advances on girls.
"Mija, I no want you talking to that boy Eric anymore, he's a cochino!"
by Jimmy January 02, 2005

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Derived from the term used by popular Canadian icons Bob and Doug Mackenzie. The literal definition of a hoser, according to Bob and Doug, is "What you call your little brother when your mom's in the room."
Take off, eh? You're such a hoser.
by Jimmy September 04, 2004

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One of the greatest southern rock, if not rock and roll, bands.
Whoever thinks that the only song skynyrd made is sweet home alabama and think thats the best one, needs to fuck off and listen to something else because they dont know rock music.
by jimmy January 01, 2005

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