asian gangsta. one who has a shaved head except for one spot where the patch of hair is grown 3 or so inches and is dyed bronze, has a souped up honda and is often seen talking korean on a tiny cell phone, making plans with his homies to go get boba, while smoking and waiting to pick his 5 year old genius brother from 7th grade.
dass a tong meng
by number25 April 6, 2003
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a wannabe asian gangsta. one who tries to act like a real tong, but doesnt shower enough, can't afford a car, bums at scans house, is fired from pizza hut, etc.
by dr_crazy April 28, 2003
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Please don't put tong in my tong.
by adadaa October 12, 2003
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person 1 : ay dawg what's poppin?
person 2 : fuck off n*gga i'm busy tong-ing right now
person 1 : what the fuck?
by frylos August 31, 2021
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memeber of a rather unpleasant Glasgow street gang
probably supports rangers
by Bigmeuprudeboy September 9, 2003
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like spooning, except facing eachother as though to be like tongs. two spoons facing each other...tongs.
"wanna spoon"
"no i would rather tong, i wanna see your face"
by tongmasta October 1, 2011
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another term for the word homosexual ; gay
very emotional, very detached from the reality that exists in this world.
can not differentiate real from fake.
very obssessed with girls, japanese ones.
1. you are such a tong i swear
2. your living in a tong's world.
by tong December 24, 2004
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