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a large circular dome of curly hair possesed by a jew. the jewish form of afro.
you could tell he wasnt goim by his jewfro. oy vey.
by number25 April 06, 2003

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asian gangsta. one who has a shaved head except for one spot where the patch of hair is grown 3 or so inches and is dyed bronze, has a souped up honda and is often seen talking korean on a tiny cell phone, making plans with his homies to go get boba, while smoking and waiting to pick his 5 year old genius brother from 7th grade.
dass a tong meng
by number25 April 06, 2003

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the act of sitting on cakes for sexual pleasure
i like to cake sit because chocolate in my poontang is good
by number25 April 06, 2003

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okay, this is the act of setting a girl's bush on fire and then putting the flames out with your man-chowder.
and then he pulled out and did a flaming amazon!
by number25 August 24, 2003

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1) face (see grill)

2) Business, e.g. "get out of my business"

3) personal space in general.
Why are you all up in my case?
by number25 February 24, 2005

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slang for one of phillipino descent
his pinnay ass went to get boba
by number25 April 06, 2003

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1. a black scene person.
2. a community on livejournal catering to same.
"I am black and I like the arcade fire"
"gul you is so negroclash"
by number25 December 26, 2004

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