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a new form of birth control that works like the pill but its a small patch that sticks to the skin. Prevents a woman from having babies. She changes it once a week and goes the fourth week without a patch.
Guy #1: So man, you using condoms?
Guy#2: No man my girls on the patch.
Guy #1: whats that shit?
Guy #2: dunno man, but apparently it works
by irish March 22, 2004
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Where are you from? The Patch.

Where do you work? The Patch.

Just out for a rip in The Patch.
by patchprincess June 13, 2018
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denoting a woman's public hair shaved in a tiny square shape above her special area. ant. the line or the shrub.
That hottie has the patch, it's shaped like a heart.
by Teddu August 06, 2003
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To be working in the oil patch; like Alberta,
Shift change is coming up, time to head back to the patch
via giphy
by Zack8855 January 19, 2019
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