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No u autocorrected to no i. The ultimate self insult
Jack:ur mom gay
John:no u
*autocorrects to no i *
*John inplodes*
by Mimimyu1 March 19, 2018
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Australian slang; for no worries. Said quickly as to sound like no I's.
aww yea mate, sorry about shaggin your misses,
no i's mate she'l be right.
by herbie January 22, 2004
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Night of Innocence, alternative Halloween/Homecoming party held at Sid Rich during NoD: pajamas and slippers, milk and cookies, and Disney movies.
Fuck Wiess College, fuck NoD, I'm going over to Sid Rich for NoI and watch Bambi!
by Not R December 19, 2011
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Beautiful and nice person, loves to laugh and smile every day and she loves to be loved. Very loving person.
Oh hey you look like a Noi.
by Doggiwqoggie November 18, 2016
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N.O.I. or simply NOI

Acronym for "No Offence Intended."

Approximately 65% of our communication is non-verbal/body language. 25% is the tone of voice we use when we say things and the remaining 10% is the actual words that we use. Because of this, online communication is currently limited to the 10% of communication that we are able to express with a keyboard. The possibility of wrongful interpretation is magnified because the mind fills in gaps that we don't get from body and tone. This has been helped slightly by the use of smiles to express a part of body language that the internet otherwise lacks. However, all too often our words are taken offensively when no offense was intended.
Frenchman: "I'm sweatin' like a U.S. politian in church... N.O.I.!"

American: "None taken"
by jason_sot December 17, 2005
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A disgusting hate cult. Commits shirk, which is the worst sin in true Islam. A cult that steals the name of a beautiful reigion. It is heretical, deviant, and commits shirk. Please, the followers of this sick cult, read the Koran, and autobiography of Malcolm X, and realise you're in the path of error.

The Prophet Muhammad said that no arab is superior to a non-arab and vice versa, and no white is superior to a black, and vice versa, except by faith and piety. The Koran and Muhammad said that there will be no other prophets after him. Muhammad said there will be deceivers after him. KNOW THAT THIS CULT IS WRONG IN ISLAM.

God never came in form of man. No prophet after Muhammad.
This noi cult is sick and disgusting. Read the Koran to know the truth.
by Asian Muslim February 24, 2008
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