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to quote Oscar Wilde:
"The best way to ruin a good walk"
There is an American (of course) pro golfer who is ACTUALLY named Davis Love III
by Bigmeuprudeboy September 09, 2003

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a newspaper that, along with the Sun, sums up all that is wrong with the UK today
mainly read by lower middle class snobs who beleive every word printed in this piece of poisonous filth and therefore form their opinion of the world from it
the mail-wouldnt wipe me arse with it
by bigmeuprudeboy September 10, 2003

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probably the toughest sport on earth and one of the oldest.
Forget all you yanks going on about 'football' and lacrosse being SO hard. This is the daddy of them all. Played mostly in Eire where it originates but also played quite a bit in the UK.
There is a Scots version called Shinty that is just as fast
by bigmeuprudeboy October 28, 2003

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A rather amusing austrailian phrase for Italians, Greeks, Maltese etc
bloody wogs
by bigmeuprudeboy November 28, 2003

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1)inbreds who sponge of taxpayers and make sure the Uk keeps its outdated laws and traditions
2) the reason loads of fat yanks come to the uk for a holiday
3) a rather amusing sit-com about a working class manchester family who's Patriarch farts a lot- considered high culture in britain and ireland -honest
by bigmeuprudeboy September 10, 2003

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'to be loyal to ones country'
In the USA and UK this seems to mean:
'totally agree with everything your supposed betters tell you and never question authority'
Im patriotic I am, stand up for the national anthem, suport the England team but I really dont like paying my taxes'
by bigmeuprudeboy September 18, 2003

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a very expensive brand of Italian designer clothes marketed at very high earning, highly educated Europeans.
Actually mainly worn by British Football thugs as a status symbol
by bigmeuprudeboy September 11, 2003

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