short for "Tore Up"; fucked up, can mean as in intoxicated or just plain wack.
them khakis be toe up, homie.
by marc ipsen September 10, 2004
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Really, really, REALLY wasted. Almost to the point of completely blacking out, thus making a complete ass of yourself, either in public or in private.
"Man did you see that wasted girl at the party last night? She was TOE UP!
by mirzwick March 19, 2004
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Very similar to the use of the term tore up in that it means you are wasted beyond belief. Usually with an illegal substance of some sort, or alcohol.

It comes from the idea that when shit faced you pass out and your feet lay in a position of "toe up."
Yo man, I gonna go to that party tonight and I gonna get so toe up yous won't recognize me!
by /Mike August 5, 2004
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Girl of lacking ugly woman!
"yo dude the girl is toe up!"
by Edge August 8, 2003
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that uniform is toe up
by johnboy July 9, 2002
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someone who is busted from the toes up
DAMN that bitch is toe up.
by borita August 8, 2003
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It means someone is dead. It refers to how the person is found. toe up or toe down.
We thought he was sleeping, but after he laid there for 3 days we realized he was toe up.
by pj April 29, 2005
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