A Slang word for torn-up. Meaning something that just look ridiculous or hideous.
"Man, you just don't know how Toe-up you look in that too little ass muscle shirt". "Take it off!"

"Man, I would have been wing-man, but her friend was just Too Toe-up!, The ugly-stick wouldn't even touch that!"
by Noliaboy00 May 19, 2005
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It means someone is dead. It refers to how the person is found. toe up or toe down.
We thought he was sleeping, but after he laid there for 3 days we realized he was toe up.
by pj April 29, 2005
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1. Toe up is a term made popular in the teen dramady, "Clueless." Dione says that Ty is "... toe up; our stock would plummet." Meaning that Ty is lousy and useless, not to mention detrimental to social status. 2. Also can be taken as "upside down."
1. That guy is toe-up. Don't hang with him.
2. I was so toe-up for Paul, I can't believe he likes Shelly instead.
by Dude November 23, 2004
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