13 definitions by johnboy

A dickhead who cant control himself yet can be very entertaining at times
“Why are you acting like such a dickhead? I’ll start calling you andrew!”
by johnboy July 18, 2021
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A man who owns a very large penis.
Or has very short legs and an average sized penis
Mini-me is the owner of an ankle spanker!
by johnboy January 3, 2005
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a man hat smiles all the time even when eating!!!
crouton ur civic is slow!
by johnboy May 10, 2003
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Sometimes good but most of the time not.
John was flastic at sof2
by johnboy June 23, 2004
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To be great; excellent; derived from the term 'ramming'
"Yo, that party was ramnis!"
by johnboy July 3, 2003
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an all in one emergency vehichle consisting of a police car, ambulance and fire engine.
by johnboy December 28, 2005
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Copiusly huge breasts.
Chumbawumbas ,Airbags , Baloobas , Bazoomas,Bazungas ,Bananaramas ,Tits.
by johnboy January 3, 2005
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