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A person who frequently drinks alcohol to excess; to the point where it becomes his or her defining characteristic.
That guy is a real hoople.
by Edge March 8, 2005
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a crazy bitch bent on destruction of the world!!!!!
Dude tape-leg, Yello Dello is such a bitch
by Edge March 14, 2005
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This is a 16 ounce can of beer... Coined by our friend Danny (sorry buddy but I don't know ur last name)
*Danny opens the fridge* "Edge, can I grab one of your pounders?"
by Edge November 27, 2004
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To describe one bad mood or poor hummor.
Scorpy McScorp.....to be in the worst mood ever!
"im well scorpy"
"Dude are u scorpy??"
"well look whos Scorpy McScorp!"
by Edge August 8, 2003
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"Bad Boy" term used in dublin to mean anything..........
"Lets get out of here and get a bad boy(Taxi)"
"Look at the slick bad boy(car)"
"pass us that bad boy(object that im pointing at)"
by Edge August 8, 2003
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Large breasts upon a female, often said by a construction worker or someone of the like.
You see the hubba-hubbas on that one?
by Edge November 5, 2003
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