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A Rock band resposible for a musical revolution in Britain during the mid 90's. One of Only a few bands in the world who write amazings rock songs and are still producing top albums 10 years later. All those of you who go on about their antics in the media are completely missing the point. They are legends
They practiced every day and every night on thier music when they were first starting out to make sure they were the best, thats a sign of people who care about their music
by Edge December 12, 2003

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The act of prolonging ejaculation for increased masturbatory pleasure.
He masturbated for over an hour, coming close to orgasm and then backing down over and over.
by Edge December 16, 2003

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"Bad Boy" term used in dublin to mean anything..........
"Lets get out of here and get a bad boy(Taxi)"
"Look at the slick bad boy(car)"
"pass us that bad boy(object that im pointing at)"
by Edge August 08, 2003

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A person who frequently drinks alcohol to excess; to the point where it becomes his or her defining characteristic.
That guy is a real hoople.
by Edge March 08, 2005

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A person of a tough deposition. Strong in body and mind.
"he's mean.........he's WELL 'ARD"
by Edge August 20, 2003

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This is a 16 ounce can of beer... Coined by our friend Danny (sorry buddy but I don't know ur last name)
*Danny opens the fridge* "Edge, can I grab one of your pounders?"
by edge November 26, 2004

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Masturbating feverously.
I can't come down now, I'm tossing the dwarf.
by Edge January 02, 2004

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