12 definitions by marc ipsen

1) A variation of the name "Henry". Originated in the San Lorenzo area of California.
2) A Bay Area rapper that also goes by the name "Slumlord"
Yo' wussup Hendoe? How you livin'?

Oh shit, you heard that new Hendoe record?
by marc ipsen October 7, 2004
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Usually the sound associated with hawkin, chicken hawkin or swooping; Sound made by one to indicate that he (or she) intends on swooping. (Usually sounded off in pairs)
Frank straight said "Caw! Caw!" to John before he swooped in on Cecilia.
by marc ipsen October 7, 2004
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Spanish meaning "Northerner"; Nortenos claim red as their color and often wear red rags (bandanas) around their heads or hang them from their pockets. Their number is 14, X4 or XIV in Roman numerals. 14 is significant because the fourteenth letter in the alphabet is N, which stands for Norte. Most Nortenos are born in the United States and speak fluent English and Spanish. They engage in activities such as tagging and hustling. Their hated enemies are Surenos, or "Southerners", who claim blue as their color and 13, XIII or X3.
Hayward is home to many Nortenos.
by marc ipsen October 7, 2004
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1) To badly beat your opponents in a game.
2) To inflict damage on someone or something.
3) To insult and/or punk someone, usually embarassing them in the process.
4) To drive fast and recklessly when outrunning someone, usually the police.
1) Damn that nigga smashed yo ass in Madden.
2) Dood thought he could flex but we smashed his ass quick like.
3) Miguel smashed on James in class today, we were crackin up.
4) Christina smashed on them muh fuckas going like 95 through a school zone.
by marc ipsen October 7, 2004
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short for "Tore Up"; fucked up, can mean as in intoxicated or just plain wack.
them khakis be toe up, homie.
by marc ipsen September 10, 2004
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Means the same thing as deal.
"What's the drilla?"
by marc ipsen October 5, 2004
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