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Language originating from and used by military personnel. They can be in the form of acronyms or actual words. They can come in the form of an insult, general conversation such as words to describe unit or job, and there are some educational ones.

This is a brief example, not by any means is it all inclusive.
Acronyms: Military Slang
FRED- Fucking Retard, Extra Dumb (insult to someone who typically fits the description)(You literally make this their nickname)
RABFO- Riding Around Base Fucking Off (conversational, acronyms are just easier sometimes)
SAR- Search and Rescue (occupational)

Phrases: Military Slang
Dick Beaters: Your hands (usage-general conversation or insult..."Get those dirty Dick Beaters off my shirt")
Cock Holster: Your mouth (usage-derogatory..."I didn't hear you, my dick was in your Cock Holster again")
Douchebagery: General stupidity (usage-derogatory, reference, conversational..."The Douchebagery that projects from that disgusting cock holster is unbelievable. Congratulations FRED, you found yourself making it through another day.")
by S.t.e.v.e September 17, 2013
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