The "Toe Jam" is a maneuver in which a man ejaculates into the sheets on the foot of someone's bed with the intent of covering the victim's toes in semen.
"Shut up dude, this Toe Jam setup would go faster if you weren't watching me."
by Savantic May 21, 2020
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a natural drug, harvested from smelly toenails, made up of sock fluff and sweat

Commonly inhaled through the nose, side effects include hallucinating, pissing, shitting and cumming at random. Over 60% of Americans die from overdosage each year.
"yo dude share some of that toe jam"
-"yeah man have a whiff'
"ooooooooh fuck i just came"
-"good shit man"
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by kerdunskool November 15, 2020
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