The edible substance found in between female toes.
Gemma had been on her feet all day wearing socks and sneakers, she took off her socks and in between her toes was toejam, she asked me to eat it, as i did i came in my pants.
by gemma's foot slave March 04, 2005
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the build up of sock lint that is mixed with toe sweat usually found in between the toes and tastes like chicken. sometimes greenish-grey color.
Did you pick your toe jam before you went to bed last night?
by Sparky Austin October 07, 2010
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sweaty and sticky build up of fungus and dead skin in between may also result in a rash
Damn that trollop Kiralee had some nasty toe jam
by Pj & Tj November 29, 2007
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the tiny treats that accumulate between the toes of attractive female feet
"I enjoy eating the tasty toe jam I find between DragonLily's toes at the end of the day."
by IEatCuteFeet December 31, 2003
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A scrumptious jam made out of naturally sourced toes. It can come in many shapes and sizes. It’s s the new biggest trend.
Have you tried the new toe jam from walmart?
by Your local suburban mom March 30, 2021
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