The act in getting your friends toe dipping it jam or jelly and shuving it up someones asshole
"Duuude go get someone to help you toejam that faggot over there"
by tony rizzutti September 07, 2007
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the act of removing the toenail an thrusting a hard cock inside said toe hole
i ripped that skanks toenail off an shoved my d in that t..fuckin toe jam
by the nigga thats in the alley December 31, 2011
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verb: the act of inserting one's junk between the pointer and big toe

noun: the sticky result of the above action
1. Johnny toe jammed Cindy till the cows came home.

2. Timmy wondered why Joe was sporting a big wad of toe jam on his left foot.
by I <3 toe jamming January 13, 2005
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Its like fisting, but with your foot. If she sneezes, it could break his foot. If he sneezes, she could die...
Theres no traction there, she likes to toejam
by Avanda December 08, 2008
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little babies toes. A thing between a grandparent and grandchild to suck on babies toes.
I'm going to get your toe jams.
by weema June 21, 2004
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The act of cullingus whilst the women is menstrating also known as the dolmino grin
Ain't no body licking on toe jam
by Andy n Jo June 23, 2016
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