That grey-brown shit that accumulates between your toes. Primarily composed of dead skin cells, sock fluff and sweat.
"You eat your toe jam? No. No. That's way to disgusting."
by N3dst4 January 16, 2003
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the build up of sock lint that is mixed with toe sweat usually found in between the toes and tastes like chicken. sometimes greenish-grey color.
Did you pick your toe jam before you went to bed last night?
by Sparky Austin October 7, 2010
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the tiny treats that accumulate between the toes of attractive female feet
"I enjoy eating the tasty toe jam I find between DragonLily's toes at the end of the day."
by IEatCuteFeet December 31, 2004
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The shit that gets stuck between your toes after toe-fucking a girl in the ass
Dude, I toe fucked this bitch in the ass and after, I looked at my foot and there was toe jam between my toes.
by bentrod May 31, 2011
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a Jamskating move where the skater moves his front two wheels on both skates in a pattern
The skater at Natz likes to toe jam.
by A James December 30, 2008
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at a party, when feet play bluegrass music
by crap magnet May 25, 2003
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the act of removing the toenail an thrusting a hard cock inside said toe hole
i ripped that skanks toenail off an shoved my d in that t..fuckin toe jam
by the nigga thats in the alley January 1, 2012
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