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That grey-brown shit that accumulates between your toes. Primarily composed of dead skin cells, sock fluff and sweat.
"You eat your toe jam? No. No. That's way to disgusting."
by N3dst4 January 16, 2003
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Toe jam is the grey-brown-black substance that you find between your toes and on your feet. It mainly consists of sweat, dead skin and sock fluff.
Jenny: hey have you every tried toe jam on your toast??
Vicky: no... what is it like
Jenny: it's literally the best thing ever!!!!!!! It's soft and mushy, yum.
Anika: that's disgusting ;(
by yowhassupp August 01, 2020
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Toejam is the gunk between your toes mainly consisting of dust and dirt. It is called toejam as it resembles a type of substance like jam between your toes.
Jenny: I loveee eating toast with toejam spread on it. What about you?
Vicky: Yes but it can be quite sticky sometimes.
Anika: Disgusting!
by iloveshakespeareee August 01, 2020
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the substance that accumulates between your toes after a long day of having sweaty feet. Mixture of toe sweat and sock fuzz.
there really is no example for toejam. If you have expirenced it before you know what i am talking about. And most people have.
by Brenda Joyce March 28, 2010
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that crap that you get between your toes after a long day (probably without washing for several days) - thats toejam
tina came home from three days camping, dancing, listening to groovey tunes, and her toejam was frightful!
by red wine bitch January 03, 2003
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An insulting reference to someone affiliated with the University of Southern California (also known as the "University of Second Choice" or the "University of Spoiled Children." The mascot of the University is one Thomas the Trojan, also known as Tommy Trojan. Thomas is often prophylactically sheathed in plastic in order to protect him from his admirers at that fine cross-town academic institution, the University of California at Los Angeles.
Did you SEE those Toe Jams crying all over their Cardinal and Gold jammies after Stanford spanked them?
by fugitive September 30, 2004
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