1. a person who is slow and lazy

2. one who is thinking about sex constantly and relating it to everything
1. You can call your friend a toad when they are being lazy, such as procrastinating on an assignment.

2. Person A: Those tight pants look really good on you.

Person B: don't be a toad
by smiglet March 20, 2022
general derogatory term used to denote a stupid, foolish, rude, or otherwise undesirable individual. among friends, can also be used affectionately. usually used as a noun, but can also be used as an adjective.
i can't believe you said that, you are such a toad.

get out of my way, you huge toad.

i'm sorry your parents grounded you, that is so toad.
by toadfacemcgee February 22, 2006
1. What Lando forbids.

2. A new drug craze, "toad" is slang for the Colombian spotted toad. When licked, the toads give a euphoria that's . . . that's just great.

Side effects include chills all through your body, and loss of control of your bladder and your sphincter (that's your butthole). There'll be blood gushing from you, every time that you cough. And forget getting lucky: "it" falls off. Your whole life will hit the skids, and your kids will be born without eyelids.

Other slang for using toad includes "Lilypadding," "Frenching the prince," and "Doing Kermit"
"Mr. Toad, how many licks does it take of you to end up in the center of a Rhode Island State Prison?"

by Lando Griffin December 21, 2003
a disgusting or nasty person, based on looks and personality
by SOBP January 17, 2008
1. a suffix added to any word rhyming with it. the addition of the suffix transforms the word into a clause answering the question that prompted the utterance of the word to begin with.

usage notes: (a) the preceding word alters its spelling to resemble that of the suffix (i.e., "oa"). (b) some circles of linguists argue that the resulting clause can take any tense. (c) responsively, toad is used in its second use (see below). (d) the requirement of rhyme can be stretched if the user of "toad" as a suffix is intoxicated, and the general consensus is to only need to rhyme the vowel section of the word.

2. (mf) one's person.
1. "what are you doing?"
(koadtoad means "i'm programming")

"why are your eyes red?"

(smoaktoad means "i was engaging in the consumption of cannabis")

2. "where is yr toad? it was supposed to get here an hour ago."
"sorry to disappoint yr toad but my toad got stuck in traffic"
by causticfellow February 28, 2010
Medical term--Any patient with a respiratory condition---usually brought on by ones self.
We had the E.R. cleaned out and then they drug this Toad in at 3 A.M.
by vernon dutton January 22, 2004