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A derogatory term for the african american, often used in prison.
That toad jacked my socks!
by Bret H August 24, 2005
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A "Toad" is a human with "Toad Like" Qualities.

Toads are stern, greedy and will Fuck You Over anytime they can.

Also, some people look like Toads as their "Troll Like" Qualities overtake their Appearance as they Get Older.
"Reiner is one, nasty Toad. He sure has Fucked over a lot of people in his day."
by Simple Clara November 13, 2013
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(N.) The guardian/assistant of Peach Toadstool, the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. About 2'6", and 50 lbs. He's a member of his race called the "Toads," who are elfish-like people with Mushroom heads ( or maybe they're hats. I dunno. )

His name is kind of like how "Guy" or "Man" is a name to us, even though it's what we are. His age is very indetermined, much like Santa's Elves. He could be anywhere between 8 and 38. On the old TV series in the early 90's, he was at least old enough to drive, but in the new "Anime-Style" video games, he's very young, like around age 6, as his voice is very high-pitched.
Toad belongs to a race named the Toads. He can be played in Super Mario Kart 64.
by G-Union June 06, 2003
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A large woman who walks slowly down the street. The combination of her large size and slow speed make it difficult to pass her on a standard sidewalk.

A normally paced walker will easily catch up to the slow and wide walker, but, unfortunately, it will be nearly impossible to pass the slow and wide walker because the sidewalk is too narrow. The normally paced walker will have to stop to give the slow and wide walker space between the two walkers. Then the normally paced walker will catch up again, thus repeating the cycle. This repeated stop and catch up and stop action is similar to a toad is hopping slowly down a sidewalk.
Charles Wellington IV was late for his important Madison Avenue appointment because he got caught behind a toad off the subway. He could not pass her on the busy street, and the toad had no inclination that there was a man who was walking like a normal person behind her.
by HarlemHarrier April 20, 2011
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1. What Lando forbids.

2. A new drug craze, "toad" is slang for the Colombian spotted toad. When licked, the toads give a euphoria that's . . . that's just great.

Side effects include chills all through your body, and loss of control of your bladder and your sphincter (that's your butthole). There'll be blood gushing from you, every time that you cough. And forget getting lucky: "it" falls off. Your whole life will hit the skids, and your kids will be born without eyelids.

Other slang for using toad includes "Lilypadding," "Frenching the prince," and "Doing Kermit"
"Mr. Toad, how many licks does it take of you to end up in the center of a Rhode Island State Prison?"

by Lando Griffin December 21, 2003
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a half-dumb person
Guy: "Hey wuts up"(trips and falls and laughs at himself and continues with the converstaion like nothing ever happened)
Girl:(Dumb look on her face) "Your such a toad"
Guy: "Wut it didn't hurt it was just three steps" (lol)
by Tippy_07 December 27, 2010
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A term of both endearment and scorn for a cyclist that rides faster than him or herself. May wear spandex, slather his or her ass with Chamois Butt'r, or cycle in plain clothes. Can often be heard discussing Strava QOMs or KOMs, eats Gu, probably shaves his legs. You'll find Toads riding every type of bike available at the fastest rates, and encouraging all to ride faster and harder. A toadie will tell you 'if it hurts, you just need to get used to it'.

The term is actually an auto-correct of Roadie, a road cyclist.
A toad would ride through the pain.

"Leave pace open" -A toad tries to change her spots.

Toadies only ride Slowhibition if they are late to a ride, drunk or are celebrating debauchery and birthdays.
by TheDogAteHim November 13, 2013
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