Hey man your mom is really hot i want to pork her.
Hey nate shaw i bet you are thinking about porking your girlfriend while you jerk off
by THE ALL KNOW ING MIKE AND CHASE February 21, 2003
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The social dilemma that depicts a scenario in which you must decide between partaking in sexual intercourse with a pig who's gender will be determined by your preference with nobody ever finding out, or you can choose to not partake in sexual intercourse with the pig, but have everyone you currently know think that you did.

To be clear:
- Future people you meet will not know that you committed this act, unless told otherwise by people who did know.
- That people that you currently know can not be convinced otherwise.
Guy 1: Have you heard of the social dilemma: "To Pork or Not to Pork"? It kept me arguing for hours.

Guy 2: I have, my best friend doesn't talk to me anymore after finding out that I would fuck a pig.
by porkypig332 December 5, 2020
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1. The act of having vigorous sexual intercourse with someone.

2. Actively hunting for pigs in their natural habitat.
1a. I heard that in 1986 a ninja broke the world record all over the planet by porking 500 hot babes at once.

1b. I really wanna make a Paris Hilton style video tape where I'm porking that Heather girl that works at the mall, man she's hot.

2. The fall is pig season, so I usually go out porking around late september, or early october. I just listen for the squealing/snorting and then shoot my RC-P90 in the general direction. MMMmmm... Pork...
by TonecasT February 4, 2004
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fucked, had sex with, etc.
I porked your mom, or have you ever porked before?
by Jason November 23, 2003
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from the italian word porke - pork / pig

1. a derogatory term for a man pig
2. a sexually frustrated man
3. a man who eat girls alive
4. an intensense flirty male
6. a male chauvinist
7. operates with distinctive taqtiques/moves
8. the worst porke is the ones that seem to be in a perpetual state of self-denial about their sleaziness
9. the opposite of a smooth oporator

1-2-3 say P O R K E
urban girl 1: "what is that guy doing to that girl?"
urban girl 2: "it looks like he´s trying to sell a fucking car."
urban girl 3: "you know.."
urban girl 1&2: "..PORKE!"
by gran perè November 3, 2010
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1: Personally motivated spending of government funds by politicians. Spending the wealth of the people but not in the interests of the people.

2: Meat taken from swine.

3: Vulgar slang for sexual intercourse
1: Damn, congress just "Okayed" a bill to put a liquid gold fountain in front of the white house. Talk about pork!

2: I went over to Johnnys house for some free breakfast but all he had was bacon and sausage. Too bad I don't eat pork.

3: Yeehaw, after about 12 Bud Lights I got tired of watching nascar and decided to pork my old lady.
by Varris June 7, 2007
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