1. The act of having vigorous sexual intercourse with someone.

2. Actively hunting for pigs in their natural habitat.
1a. I heard that in 1986 a ninja broke the world record all over the planet by porking 500 hot babes at once.

1b. I really wanna make a Paris Hilton style video tape where I'm porking that Heather girl that works at the mall, man she's hot.

2. The fall is pig season, so I usually go out porking around late september, or early october. I just listen for the squealing/snorting and then shoot my RC-P90 in the general direction. MMMmmm... Pork...
by TonecasT February 4, 2004
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"I saw Skot and Rosie porking in Anna's bedroom! I screamed when I saw Skot's balls slapping Rosie's ass!"
by LindseyRae June 9, 2009
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to want to have sex with someone hard
i'm gunna give sally a right good porking
by connor and dean July 26, 2008
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A bet involving going to the club with the intention of sleeping with the fattest hoe you can find, in the hopes your bitch will be fatter then the ones your buddies pick up, so you get the pot of money
So what do you guys want to do?

Let's go porking!

Alright, winner gets $100.
by FTT360 December 8, 2006
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the act of lifting your leg like a dog and then emitting toxic gas from your anus. commonly brought up when talking about being burritoed.
Matt smirked and began porking in the middle of his AP Environmental Science class.
by white muddaafuggaaa November 2, 2011
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To pick up fat bitches at a club and going back to her place to drink all her boose and leave
no boose?
its okay lets go porking
by Brickz March 4, 2007
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Nicole: Sonia, where did all the Cauliflower go?
Sonia: I don't know, ask Ann! She's been porking on it all day!
by NSA May 4, 2006
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