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1. The act of having vigorous sexual intercourse with someone.

2. Actively hunting for pigs in their natural habitat.
1a. I heard that in 1986 a ninja broke the world record all over the planet by porking 500 hot babes at once.

1b. I really wanna make a Paris Hilton style video tape where I'm porking that Heather girl that works at the mall, man she's hot.

2. The fall is pig season, so I usually go out porking around late september, or early october. I just listen for the squealing/snorting and then shoot my RC-P90 in the general direction. MMMmmm... Pork...
by TonecasT February 03, 2004

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The RC-P90 is called P-90 in real life. The real gun only contains 50 bullets per clip. It is extremely agile, light, and rapid fire. It may be the best gun ever made but it's probably the most expensive.
The goddamm squirrels are making a home out the hole where the wall meets the roof; I'll show them just how welcome they are with my RC-P90. I hope I'll blast their little brains out with all of these bullets.
by TonecasT February 12, 2004

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Slang term that usually only a male would use, meaning: my penis, my dick, my cock, etc. It's an inside joke between guys that know about it, that your penis can be personified (e.g. "Mr. Happy", "Agent 009", "Deep Diver Man"). A penis is much like a person, it has feeling's; after all it's a mans, too.
blow the mans, bitch.
by TonecasT June 12, 2004

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a childrens security blanket or other such item. some children become attatched to items such as blankets and small stuffed animals at a very young age. a blankey or binky, etc.
rachel held tight and chewed on her cug while the photographer snapped away. i returned and reluctantly bought her 2nd birthday portrait an hour later.
by TonecasT February 04, 2005

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To dry ones clothes and other linen by means of naturally occurring wind currents, usually via a line or a cord transfixed to a hook that is usually on a pole, but can also be attatched to a hook or fixture on the wall of a building.
Mark went to hang out his clothes to dry, cuz he don't have a maytag dryer. What a cheap-ass!
by TonecasT June 19, 2004

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